Why a Surveyor?

To Better Serve Your Clients

Here are the three reasons why:


Buyers and Sellers Want Well Defined Boundaries.

Both buyers and sellers like knowing the land that is being sold. They feel more comfortable with the sale when they know where the property corners, lines, and area are. This is especially true with water boundaries. Most property owners are keenly interested with riparian rights that affect their property. When the boundary lines and corners are set prior to a sale there is less confusion, apprehension, and less likely to have conflicts and complaints after the sale.

If there are encroachments or issues with the property, then knowing this ahead of time, the owner could opt to address the issue, or if not, the buyer by knowing ahead of time, will not be angered with either the seller or agents.

Often times property owners are t otally ignorant about Right of Ways and easements. This may be due to no fault of their own. Many times right of way lines are much wider than the physical improvements would indicate and property owners become confused when governmental agencies use areas that they thought was their land. This is also true of easements. Property owners often do not understand why or where easements are on their land. A simple land survey would address these.


Clients Want to Be Prepared for Future Concerns.

If there are boundary issues with the property, a land surveyor can explain these issues to the client. At times the problem could be resolved as easily as a Lot Line Adjustment, which can be completed at a minimal cost. Some clients may want their property split into two or more parcels, either before or after a sale. A land surveyor can complete these various types of parcel splits or plats.

Often times a client may want, what’s called an ALTA survey, especially if the property is for commercial use. These types of surveys specialize in easement and encroachment issues and are often needed for properties with high profiles or vulnerability. Surveyors are extremely valuable for these types of projects.

As a land surveyor, we can also deal with various planning projects for a client. Including any questions or issues they may have. We also can help developers to find potential property or assist them with developing property they may already possess. At times a client may want a land surveyor for some type of construction staking.


Clients Have Properties with Special Conditions.

ertain properties are located within a floodplain or way. Which in turn will mean the property will need flood insurance. Flood insurance is expensive, but often times the insurance amount can be reduced if the exact floor elevation of the structure is determined. This will require a Flood Certification, which a land surveyor can complete.
Some municipalities require site plans, building envelopes, and building footprints to determine where or how a structure can be built. A land surveyor can complete this task to satisfy any municipality for either residential or commercial use.

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